Uniqueness of da moment

uniquiness of the moment

…it seems, it was the spring just now…

the trees were blooming in array of colours,

then the summer came about, the colours changed,

the blooming spring dropped it’s crown,

falling petals seemed like falling snow,

then the summer wore it’s crown of other colours,

the autumn just consumed the summer colours,

it painted picture of it’s own…

some leaves are yellow like the start of blooming spring

although they are the messengers of ending not beginning…

white winters gown deletes the autumn picture,

the nature rests before the next creation…

the winter…the summer, and the winter…the summer…

the circle goes round and round…

it seems the same although it is unique…

the moments are unique…

after the seasons change you will be back home,

this life will seem like faded dream,

you’ll watch this life like photo album…

you will remember the uniquest moments…

create the perfect moment next…

who is going do it better than you do?

…sure you know you best, than others do…

© laura ciciskinaite


A create

U sustain

M uncreate





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