Da colours of life & what do you worship Darling?

colours of life flowers

The clouds have gathered, the rain will fall…

At least the birds are waiting, so they may play and splash

In waters of the rain, so much joy that brings.

The freshness and aliveness that the rain brings…

The thunder storm and lightening will clear the air…

The sky is taking photographs and recording perfect moments.

The day of the eclipse, many will remember…

The lightening that cleared the air…

The things became more light, light feather…

The weight was dropped….

The summer and it’s colours,makes the head spin…

This summer is the time of butterflies, bumble bees and lady bugs

The summer heat was kind to to them…

So, many creatures in the park and each enjoys the life in it’s own way,

The bees and butterflies are focused on the flowers,

The dogs are chasing ball,

The flowers draw up to the sun…

What do the humans chase, oh i see a lot of them concerned how to get high?

They chase the highs…

The girls with ton of makeup seeks a perfect mate to mate…

Someone smokes the substance or consumes alcohol…

They seek these childish pleasures to escape…

They indulge in colours of the grey…

That’s  a bit dull don’t you agree?

The spectrum of the life is more colourful than that!

It’s better to be magician of the life and pull the unexpected out of the magic hat,

Explore the colours like a painter does,

Combine the colours and make new ones!

So, what are you focusing on?

You become that which you focus on,

So, focus on highest enlightenment and the light then,

You will be able to explore the colours and the colourless!

So, leave the grey bye bye the grey you are too boring!

Enjoy the colours and the clarity of life!

© laura ciciskinaite




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