Solar eclipse that makes your head spin,

Sacred place is calling,

I have to answer the call,

The gust of wind takes the breath away,

Sweeps you of your feet,

The flow that carries you,

I’m just observer of the movement

It’s wonderful to feel the I.

Who is that I?

When day happens to be poetry,

I felt so high, so I may fly…

Who gave me wings?

I’ll fly…

I am flying!

I meet the angel with the wings,

Many angels say, hello,

Meditate with angels,

The bird angels,

The omen, the tattoo of an eagle,

Synchronicities, magic, signs that take you further…

The guide, the ginger cat that meets you by the door,

The ginger fluffy angel.

The day was long and overwhelming…

I fall a sleep when looking at the stars and chimney tops,

I move to other wonderland…

© laura ciciskinaite


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