The world is not enough


Big daddy or hero figure keeps promising, you are going to be joyful and enlightened tomorrow, you can’t be it today, keep jumping through hoops it is going to happen tomorrow. So keep jumping, as high as daddy asks you and you keep jumping although that jumping keeps you away from something that is missing in your life, you can’t see the end of the destination. Tomorrow comes and goes and you still waiting for tomorrow, you still have so many hoops to jump through, so many exams to pass because you are not good enough. So you may paper wall the whole room with certificates, diplomas, rewards, it is still not enough, it seems that the whole world is not enough. The feeling of unsatisfaction is following you. You still feel unfulfilled and incomplete.

Keep looking for the soulmate because you think it is going to fill that emptiness and after 10000 and one soulmates you still can’t find the right one, everyone seems so wrong and imperfect. Only if you would be able to find that perfection in a muse, who can inspire you although those muses turn out not to be that perfect and their inspiration fades away.

Not sure if greed is bad, wanting and desire is not bad in it self although wanting and desire out of lack and neediness creates more lack, neediness and hunger. It seems greed is not bad although  stinginess is bad, when you don’t want to share and you think you are going to keep everything for yourself.Water that doesn’t move becomes stale.It is the same with the wealth, money and possessions…and in the end is only sand anyway.Are you still collecting sand?

Also if your desire comes from place of taking away something from someone and this means loss to other, that creates more loss. If you are stealing and you get insulted when somebody is stealing from you. Why do you get insulted, that is not personal?

You think when you’ll jump through that hoop you are going to make it and only then you may be joyful and fulfilled. You have jumped through so many hoops…were you awarded, fulfilled? So, what is stopping you from satisfaction and fulfilment?

There are roles in this world you have to play that society asks you to play. Society says it is mandatory roles and you have to play those roles and you have to pass exams because if you don’t you are considered failure. Where is it written that those roles are mandatory? Who says that society is right? Who defines failure and success? Where did you get definitions of success? Maybe your failure was a success?

Seriously, if somebody would give you the whole world today, you would probably want more, then you would want solar system, galaxy, universe…this is so much sand 🙂

The thing is, only when you look into your inner self, when you have spiritual practice, you meditate and do shadow work, at some point you get that satisfaction and fulfilment. The inn is the only way. Not saying that outer world is bad, it is very entertaining, just don’t make it to big of a distraction.


@ Laura Ciciskinaite


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