Magic is something that is not ordinary, something that is not routine and it is not something conventional. Magic can create something out of nothing, something that wasn’t seen before. Magic is power that pulls form out of  formlessness.

Magic is something extraordinary – extra  ordinary…

Everything that comes into a form once was a dream it started as an idea, a believe and then one day it took a form. Also rigid believes can hide magic from you.

You can see magic only if you want to see it.

Innocence can see magic.

For children to see magic is a natural thing but when children start to grow up magic vanishes from their life it seems that ‘real world’ drains magic out of human beings and leaves them empty, like machines. ‘The real world’ is so mechanical and inorganic it lacks authenticity. The greyness pulls its dark cloak over peoples eyes so they won’t be able to see magic. That greyness is trauma inflicted by outside world since childhood or even past lives.

Only few people can pull of the cloak and see the magic…

The world is still a jungle and you need to be a warrior to live in it, that kind of warrior, that is always ready, although doesn’t fight. Warrior is strong but not stubborn. Warrior can coexist with child personality, if warrior is stubborn it kills inner child and his/her heart becomes rigid. When warrior and child coexist together they form a symbiotic relationship, warrior is strength, wisdom and child becomes faith, love and joy for the warrior.

The biggest magic is love. There is this saying ‘If you never loved, you never lived.’ Unknown

To be continued…

Next blog post will be, how to see magic  🙂

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