Rose 5

So, many people are talking about love… Do they really know what love is? I’m not sure if I know what love is… This world is so entangled with fears, fear of lack, fear of loss…Fear clouds our mind…If we are constantly afraid it is very hard to see and feel love. Our huge ego, belief systems, hide love from us and sabotage the feeling of love…Our egos have so many expectations…Ego is afraid and wants to survive, ego seeks security …

So, have you been courageous enough to ask yourself a question, what love is? The answer may be, that you don’t know…Well, you are not the only one on this planet…at the moment, humans on this planet have very confusing understanding of what love is. The word love is probably the most prostituted word, humans cheapened word love, or maybe we don’t have enough words to describe the feeling, the feelings…Words are very limited form of expression, anyway…Unconditional love is synonymous to words freedom, faith, purity, responsibility, all these words are subject of it self.

Unfortunately a lot of humans on this planet understand love as having things, people, places, they want to capture everything. Why people behave like that? Because they are very afraid, there is a lot fear and useless programs in their mind.

Well, at least plants on this planet know what love is, it seems that they don’t hold negativity or maybe it is better to say that they transcend negativity, they breath in carbon dioxide and breath out oxygen.

I know at least one story that proves plants love unconditionally πŸ™‚ and it is a personal story.

This story is about the red rose plant. One cold winters day I went shopping and decided to buy a red rose plant. This was very weird because I never buy plants and there were no plants in my apartment. My friends who know me, really would laugh at this because plants and me doesn’t really go together. Well, this sounds like an anecdote, me buying a plant. So, I got this plant and took it back home.Β It was pretty red rose with many flowers.

One day flowers fell of. I thought well, this is boring, now it is just leaves. After some time plant started growing a flower and new leaves. Those little leaves were shape of little hearts, so cute πŸ™‚ I thought that this is normal for leaves to look like mini hearts but after observing plant for some time, I have noticed that only six leaves were heart shaped the other leaves were just normal shape leaves. Those six leaves stayed on the plant nearly a year. Interesting coincidence that the flower and six heart shaped leaves grew on the plant on valentines day, oh yeah Β πŸ™‚ That was a perfect gift for the valentines day, a miracle πŸ™‚

Rose l

People on this planet associate rose with love, faith, purity, divine, spiritual unfoldment. Rose is also high vibrational plant , so angels and other higher beings can speak through the plant. Symbol of red rose is often used in many forms of art, poetry, movies, literature etc.

β€œTo be sure, an ordinary passer-by would believe that my very own rose looked just like you, but she is far more important than all of you because she is the one I have watered. And it is she that I have placed under a glass dome. And it is she that I have sheltered behind a screen. And it is for her that I have killed the caterpillars[…]. And it is she I have listened to complaining or boasting or sometimes remaining silent…”(Chapter XXI). Antoine de Saint – Exupery, Little Prince

What makes one particular plant more important than other plants, that you have taken care of it, you have nurtured it, you give attention, maybe that is love, maybe not unconditional, yet.

Well, if love is an art then it requires; the right knowledge, effort, attention, dedication.

Maybe for the most humans residing on this planet, love is only phantasmagoria, a dream…dreams tend to end, some dreams become reality…but what is real,anyway?

If you want for things to happen make them happen not just wish because otherwise it is just fantasy.

Love happens when you are unafraid. Fear is the barrier that covers love.

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