Data Overload, Intellect, Wisdom

Data Intelect 2

Consumerism is one of the trends in this day and age. Consumerism is trendy in general, no matter what humans consume. It is information age, so it is only natural that we get overwhelmed by information, overload of data, a lot of information. There is this saying that person is a walking encyclopedia,ok it’s cool… walking encyclopedia of what? If a person just memorised a lot of words and they don’t understand the essence, then words are useless, even dangerous.

People play word games and on the surface it may sound cool although this isn’t a sign of wisdom, maybe just good memory. Majority of people rely only on their mind or more correctly just intellect and what is intellect, it is just a machine, calculator and if people detached from their emotional body, physical body and nature this is dangerous because who is controlling their mind can direct persons life. If person runs all their life on the intellect it is very ineffective, in yogic understanding, there are 16 dimensions of the human mind. These 16 fall into four categories buddhi, manas, ahankara, and chitta.

Buddhi is the intellect – the logical dimension of thought. Educational systems and science today base their understanding only on intellect and intellect cannot function without a memory bank or you may call it data bank. Well, that depends what data you possess…

Who input the data in your data bank?…corrupt educational system, society?

What if you have 30 gigabyte memory bank and the other person has 40 gigabyte memory bank. Does that mean that 40 gigabyte more intelligent than 30 gigabyte? So, your reality only depends on the data bank you possess because you can’t access other data banks and limited data bank forms reality. Intellect is directly connected to ego, your identity, a persona, it is only useful only as society programmed the persona, if a person would be moved to different kind of society that persona, identity would be useless. For example if you move somebody who lived in western culture who was depended on the system so badly; the person who watches TV, eats junk food, drinks much alcohol and you move them to aboriginal culture, imagine what shock that would be…

Words are limited form of communication and they are so easily misinterpreted. Words have no meaning, humans give them meaning.

If you want, try an experiment, say one word to 10 people and ask them to describe the word for you. You will see that descriptions are very different and we speak in sentences not just single word and what about the book every person will have their own experience, LIMITED MENTAL MODIFICATION. It seems that words became a form of communication when people lost their telepathic ability, remember the story, the fall of the tower of Babel? Words are forms of division, words divide and it serves perfectly for powers that were, ‘divide and rule’…

Words may be used as spells if they are used by a powerful person for good or for bad reasons. Humans may be easily hypnotised by talismanic words and fall into submission of the hypnotist. People say they can’t be hypnotised, well depends who is hypnotised and who is hypnotist, who has more power?

Be careful what words you are using and how it affects you and others. If it is spoken word it is vibration, sound, words affect the reality, especially vibration of the person who speaks the words. Also if it is written word, if powerful person writes the book it has power even if the person reading the book can’t understand it, understanding may come after reading a book many times, that is why spiritual teachers asked students read powerful books and go, and meditate on it. When reading such books usually puts you in high state of mind although it may push you to sleep or you may forget what you just read because it may brake your reality to much.

Warning! When you study subject any subject books and words used only as part of learning, teacher and practice is required also study group, to share the notes.

Many times when people communicate only in words this may get lost in translation, for example when you read a book, you see everything through your own mental modifications. Some spiritual books weren’t advised to be read for the uninitiated because individuals may confuse themselves even more. If person doesn’t have serious spiritual practice, certain teachings may be harmful because people understand things literally and books are written in symbols and metaphors.

‘To conceal the truth by myth prevents contempt of the foolish, and compels the good to practice philosophy.’ Sallustius, 4th century philosopher

If person doesn’t have spiritual practice and/or right teacher and studying group for the subject, they are studying words, books may become WORK OF EVIL because if RIDGED EGO interprets the books it can’t grasp other dimensions of understanding and it only taints the knowledge or totally ruins it!

How clearly you see things depends on how much of your ego you have cleared. In ancient times spiritual teachings were mostly transmitted from teacher to student, books usually were written if school didn’t produce enlightened student. Also many spiritual text were translated and rewritten so many times and every person who touched the text changed it, and sometimes not much original content is left there, which could be very misleading and harmful, some truth may be there although it may do much harm because of the misinterpretation.

‘It is not possible to separate spirituality and wisdom any more than it is possible to prevent a cause from producing its effect. Spirituality actually means that the individual lives or exists upon the level of his spiritual nature or is possessed by the divinity within him. Divinity can have no ignorance within it. God cannot lack anything. Therefore, wisdom is an inevitable correlative of complete spiritual development.’ ~ Manly P. Hall (A Monthly Letter June 1935)

Words change vibration, when you say nice words see how do you feel and when you say harsh words see how do you feel. Saying sound AUM is very powerful it changes your vibration. Words are sounds when pronounced out loud. The best communication is when you don’t have to say many words maybe you don’t have to say any words and person understands you and sometimes you use words but people can’t understand and even if you use other forms of communication they can’t understand you and the more words use say it only gets more confusing, sometimes using more words doesn’t clarify things it only makes it more confusing. So, maybe use less words and if person can’t understand you, maybe sometime in the future they will understand what you wanted to say because they maybe are not ready for the information that you are communicating. Less is more.

Sometimes it is better to listen and not rush to reply because if you truly listen, hear and understand the person she or he may get an answer because somebody paid attention to them, saw them as they are without JUDGEMENT , without MENTAL MODIFICATION.

“He who would enter into the realm of Wisdom must first divest himself of all intellectual pride. Prejudices, pre-conceived opinions and beliefs always stand in the way of true wisdom. Conceited opinions are always suicidal in their influences. They bar the door to the entrance of Truth.” – Ralph Waldo Trine (1866 – 1958)

‘In order to awaken, first of all one must realise that one is in a state of sleep. And in order to realise one is indeed in a state of sleep, one must recognise and fully understand the nature of the forces which operate to keep one in the state of sleep, or hypnosis, it is absurd to think that this can be done by seeking information from sources which induces the hypnosis.

One thing alone is certain, that man’s slavery grows and increases. Man is becoming a willing slave. He begins to grow fond of his slavery, to be proud of ti. And this is the most terrible thing that can happen to man.’ G.I. Gurdjieff