Magic wand 🪄 Arthur seat

If you walk down the famous street Royal mile in the city of Edinburgh, you reach another famous road Holyrood road. Then you see Holyrood abbey and on the other side there is Holyrood park other name for the place is Arthur seat.

It’s called Arthur seat because it’s associated with legendary King Arthur.

Now come back to name Royal mile takes you from Edinburgh castle to Holyrood palace it’s processional rout of royals, it’s approximately one Scottish mile of length.

So back to Holyrood abbey if you go back to pagan times that must been pagan power place so Christian’s built churches on top of every pagan power place. The name also sounds pagan if you take the word apart it would be Holy road or a Holy rod, magic wand 🪄 in today’s language. So if you see it as holy road it’s actually, a legend about a king and white stag in the area.White stag is a symbol of a spiritual path.

The Arthur seat also had tales about dragon that fell asleep there. In myth and legends people associated hills and mountains 🏔 with dragons and wisdom. In so many myth and legends people go to the mountain or hill where the dragon lives and ask dragon questions. In today’s world dragon is considered a mythical creature and in mythology dragon is one of the magical animals, so the animals would be phoenix, unicorn, dragon, tiger and tortoise. In today’s world we still have tiger and tortoise, so maybe we use to have others in physical form, dragons as well.

When you look at Arthur seat at certain angle it looks like sphinx or sleeping lion. One of Scottish flags has a lion on it although there are no lions in Scotland.

Others say Scotland has many tunnels and they may take you to Egypt and other places.

The video of the hill I made while walking. Magical


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