Life as sci fi movie, alien 👽 and ET

It was very cold winter day in Northern Ireland, easterly wind made it even colder. I like cold it makes the air more fresh it also shrinks human aura, also less people go out so you don’t feel human depression and negative thoughts around. Cold makes environment crisp.

We were walking through mountain roads the scene looked a bit like sci fi movie. The mountains are place for the water reservoir and it supplies water to the surrounding towns. We approached the water dam and it looks like from Bond movie. We climbed the stairs so we could see awesome view over the mountains. I was taking photos ( the one you see above). Of course the photo is awesome although there is a wee surprise in the photo, it looks like alien 👽 face. Try and see it 😀. You only see it in the photo, live I couldn’t see anything, my friend also took photo although no face.

It’s interesting coincidence or light game to get this photo although I don’t believe in coincidence. It looks like something wanted to be seen.

I’m very aware of subsurface beings living on the planet and yes lots of them live in nature and mountain areas.

You couldn’t call them alien because they live on the same planet. A lot of people are unaware of their existence and they think fairies, mermaid and other beings are just a myth.

Some people say by 2050 the ‘alien’ beings are going to walk between the surface humans, so it would be no separation between us.

Our evil powers that shouldn’t be might might fake the alien invasion which they call project blue beam, you may research it. I don’t think it’s going to work though because real alien may show up.

If any time soon fake aliens going to show up and tell they going to save you and ask you jump into their flying ship DON’T do it, it’s fake aliens, especially if they want to take you to Mars. Mars is a war planet.

You don’t need to be saved most likely you have ‘alien’dna 🧬 .


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