Dragon 🐉 boon… manifestation

It was cold November morning about 5 am Indra just woke she couldn’t sleep anymore. The energy was high she decided to start morning with yoga practice. Heating had to be switched on because first autumn 🍂 frosts already started. It was still dark the sunrise was few hours away. The time before sunrise is so quiet and still, perfect time for meditation.

Four hours passed quickly as if it was just one minute. Time to go to Highlands, trip is going to last few hours although the road is very scenic it won’t be long.
Mountains mountains everywhere and you feel so small…

Indra started her walk the forest full of strange trees hundreds years old, rocks everywhere rock carvings it is magical place it’s been sacred for hundreds maybe thousands years, place where ancient hermits lived…

Indra been here before, she was walking up the hill the place was very rocky and dangerous to walk on, she was drawn to something, or someone drawn her… she reached her ‘destination’ , she started digging the ground she found interesting stones, she kept digging further and she found interesting rock it was a heart 💓 shaped rock.
Indra new it was a gift 💝 from her friend, dragon drawn her to the place and gave her gift.
Indras friends gave her gifts in astral realms, she received nice things and crystals, she gave gifts to others too. Indra asked her friends if she could get dose gifts delivered in physical realm and so she did get the gift, she new more gifts going to come…

What is in common with rocks and manifestation?

Mountains are special places a lot of times residence of dragons 🐉 and after living for long time there, dragons make rocks into crystals or gold or something special.
Crystals, gold diamonds 💎 they are a tools of magicians although not everyone can handle their power, if person who is week wears diamonds it could destroy them. You have to know how to wield power, like a sword, you don’t give katana to 4 year old child…

To be continued…

The images are Dreams of Gaia tarot by Ravynne Phelan, Blue Angel


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