UFO 🛸, Aliens 👽, ET & farting pony…

It was cold winter night and we were walking on the beach with my friends, the sky was very clear and you could see stars in the sky. The view was amazing and we were looking at the sky, suddenly we saw interesting lights in the sky, we were looking at the lights and wandering what were they? So the lights weren’t plane, this wasn’t a satellite, definitely not a helicopter… we ran out of options… what was it? The light was still in one point, then started moving in very interesting way, back and forth it didn’t make any noise then it became very big and disappeared. We were puzzled…we couldn’t figure out what was it, the time passed and we forgot about experience.

After about half a year, in summer time we were walking on the beach and one of my friends said ‘you know I read an article about aliens and and scientists say they are real’. And this person is a sceptic he doesn’t believe in any of this supernatural thing.

Right at that moment interesting thing happened, peculiar pebble appears in front of me, just in front of my foot, the rock with an alien face and aura around it.

Alien face and aura, the shell 🐚 that looks like sun rays, was there as well.

So, the scientists said ‘aliens exist‘! What a coincidence right at those words ‘aliens exist‘ the pebble appears, or there are no coincidences?

And when I write the words, the radio plays song with words ‘do you believe in magic?’ and the bells in local tower ring 😃…must be coincidence, those aliens 👽.

After this interesting finding, alien face rock, article appears in the local news paper, people seeing UFO 🛸 in local area and when I started looking into the subject it appears there were more UFO 🛸 experiences, that people have been reporting, and some time ago, Japanese tv company set up the cameras to capture UFO. Don’t know how successful that was?

So, now I know where is, the exact spot of the UFO activity and I went to see the hill 🏔, yes actual place is the hill, it’s called Traprain. So,I went to see the hill it was crispy autumn evening the sky was very clear, so perfect to see ‘aliens’ although the only thing I saw that night was ponies and one particular pony was running and farting at the same time😂 Yes universe has a sense of humour this time it presented it self as farting pony😂,no signs of alien, unless it shape shifted.

The thing about aliens 👽,ome people don’t believe they exist although what is their definition of alien is? They think that aliens are the beings that came from somewhere. What if they live next to disbelievers and they don’t see them… if someone doesn’t see something it doesn’t mean it’s not there…

There are people who believe that aliens going to come and save them. Others think aliens going to destroy them. Some say aliens see humans as their pets.

There are a lot of believes around the subject for some it became a religion.
The subject it self it’s not all black or white… it’s rather complex, there are a lot of beings out there some seen some invisible…


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